hr web logo imageExperience Pure, Positive Change in Your Life! 


The world is ascending into a new love-based vibrational field, leaving behind the negative impact of our fear conditioned reality.

As we move closer to ascending into this new vibration, all energy will intensify. To experience our individual awakening in a much more  harmonious way, we need to let go of all resistance to our enlightenment unfolding.

As all human lives are conditioned on a fear-based structure, letting go, and moving into a love - based reality will be a journey into the unknown.

For some, this will create an intensification of resisting energies and emotions, simply because the unknown is a scary place to go.


Release all Resistance with Heart Resonance Now


Heart Resonance has been grounded on to the planet at this time to support & nuture all who learn it.

To allow their individual awakening and ascension, to be one of harmony and love.

By receiving the energy transmission to Heart Resonance, you are immersed more into the Spiritual energetic flow of ascension.  What this means for your life is, more ease, allowance, better health, less stress, and an unfolding sense of "all is well".  


The more active the person becomes in using it, the more positive shift and change occurs.



Is Heart Resonance Right for You?



Browse through these pages, and if you feel in your heart attracted to this amazing energy, I encourage you to seek out a approved teacher, and join the many who already have actively aligned themselves to divine unfoldment.


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Many people have experienced powerful changes in their lives already with Heart Resonance.


Here is some experiences that people have had


ken pic"During the HR grid activation I felt a very beautifully warm glow in my heart and throughout my body, as well as a harmonic tone.

The experience felt very sacred and I felt very grateful for being present for this special occassion and for this new tool that can be used to bring HR to the planet and world in a powerful way.

I strongly urge all in HR land to get the grid activation for personal, planetary, and as a means to share this gift to the people of this world at this momentous time in world history!!  

It also makes a wonderful service vehicle.....catch you on the grid!!!"

Ken Salmon, Vancouver


Mexico 2011 094 640x480Since receiving the Heart Resonance grid activation I have experienced an accelerated purging of old beliefs, feelings, and emotions through physical symptoms, and in my dreams at night.” 


 Goldie, Salmon Arm, BC




HRT photos024-copy edited "I recently received the HR Grid activation from Trevor.  It has been a powerful experience for me.  The two changes I noticed immediately was the strength of the HR field within and around me.  With it came a sense of expansiveness that I have never experienced before, yet I was and have remained very grounded. 


 With the new techniques the Grid Activation has both simplified and yet deepened the level of work, whether it is on myself or with clients.  I feel this activation has taken HR onto a whole new level of energetic healing.”


 Susan Turner – Surrey BC




Rifa color mini1“During the Activation my body especially my head had responded in a mysterious way.  I felt that the upper part of my body was elongated causing my head to rotate in some kind of an infinity symbol.  My whole body stayed filled with warmth long after the activation.


Thank you for sharing with us.”


Rifa Hodgson, Vancouver BC


laura whieldon“The activation of the personal orbital matrix grid connected to the planetary grid was a unique experience. During the transmission, there was a vortex of colour and a flow in waves folding out from the heart.

I felt like I was light and floating in the flow. During the activation, I felt light headed and out of the physical body. A crystal glowing light grid surrounded me. I am definitely more aware of thought and periods of non-truth. I trust that I will continue to grow in spirituality of truth.”


Laura Whieldon, BC Canada



sair“Heart Resonance has changed my life for the better and I use it in my practice as a Hypnotherapist to improve and enhance my clients healing.”


Saira Hansen, Vancouver, Canada



ken pic“The Heart Resonance system was truly a lifeline in my life. I have tried a gambit of spiritual and healing modalities, and nothing has came close in effectiveness in my life.”


Ken Salmon - Vancouver, BC, Canada




Nooshin“For those of you who, like I, find it challenging to feel, sense and work with energy, the benefits are still astounding.  My heart is more open to unconditional love and feels energized.  Life seems more gratifying and beautiful.  My outlook on life is more open with less fear. Being in Trevor's company during his heart resonance master's course is life changing.”


Nooshin Kiani - Vancouver, BC